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Digital Shelf
and Automation

LAB is a digital workspace designed to streamline and accelerate the process of content production and syndication.

From briefing to delivery to e-retailers, every step brings substantial cost savings. Using LAB also reduces number of errors and shortens delivery time.

By automation we achieve scalable & faster production, increased assets reuse rate and rapid syndication of content to various e⁠-⁠commerce platforms, which is particularly important for global organizations.


Simplify Product
& Asset Management

Increase content reuse rate thanks to one central assets repository. LAB serves as a single source of truth for e⁠-⁠commerce product data and content with seamless and safe data governance features.

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Improve Team
Collaboration & PM

Identify risks and bottlenecks through transparent planning and multi-level collaboration in real-time. The whole process entirely on one platform – no e⁠-⁠mails, no Excel files.

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Speed-up Production
& Deployment
of Digital Assets

Reduce time to market through more efficient, scalable, localized production and automated content deployment to any e⁠-⁠retailer system globally.

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No integration required LAB is offered in SaaS model and can operate as a standalone platform

LAB is fully customizable due to modular structure, each LAB implementation is tailored to Client’s needs and existing IT infrastructure

Asset Management

Stop searching for product info in many places. LAB is a single source of data for every e⁠-⁠commerce product.

It brings you numerous benefits:
  • Safe storage of all products data.
  • Full control over all products information.
  • Every product update such as new features, stories, photos and media automatically reshapes corresponding assets.
  • Full consistency of every asset and content across all e-retailer platforms and customer touchpoints.
  • Lower costs thanks to automated reuse and reshape of existing assets.
  • Instant maximisation of asset's reach through employment of smart search engine and indexing with AI-powered image recognition.
  • E⁠-⁠commerce delivery automation.

Project Management

Forget e-mail trees and constant exchange of Excel files. LAB creates one platform to plan and collaborate on every project.

Check your benefits:
  • Top-level view of project timeline.
  • Real-time updates available for every party involved in the project.
  • Quick identification of risks and bottlenecks, thanks to seamless and transparent planning process.
  • Constantly updated reports of digital sales and full content management.
  • Dedicated dashboards for every project.
  • Team collaboration features.
  • Full control of e⁠-⁠commerce deployment.

Production and Syndication

Every single product needs multiple assets for multiple e⁠-⁠commerce platforms. LAB ensures that every new asset lands on the market faster than ever.

Explore your benefits:
  • Automatic update of new images and informations about every product.
  • Immediate global deployment of assets to any e-retailer system.
  • Easy and fast production of high quality assets and content.
  • Full consistency of every asset and brand experience across all e⁠-⁠commerce platforms.
  • Full control over asset updates, regarding local market regulations or demands.
  • Instant feedback and changes in real-time.
  • One-click content export that limits number of human errors.